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Fixing speaker wire

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I need to fix speaker wire to the studs in my basement before the drywall goes up.

The wire is 12awg 4 strand. What's the best method of fixing this wire. I'm advised that stapling is not the way to go.

Any recommendations please?

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I'm just curious Stu.... why you would need to afix the wire to the studs at all? But if for some reason you need to, I would use something like this:
I was thinking that I will need to fix them to the studs with some spare coiled up in the area where the speakers are planned to go. I was then planning on photographing the location and putting in the drywall. After the drywall was installed I planned to punch a hole and recover the (loosely) fixed wire. It made sense so that I wasn't fishing around for the wire, or lost it completely.

Is this a bad idea. Is there a better way?

Instead of photographing and punching, an easy enough way is to cut the necessary location out before fully putting up the drywall (after it's been cut to size).

I'd also affix the cable to the studs too, though. I like the nylon clamps posted above.


goto page 147

it's about 30 buck and 6 bucks for 200 staples

works perfecty and a lot faster

got it at menards
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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