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Flagship receivers of yester year, what are they? I am looking for a used one...

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I am having trouble finding model nos. for older receivers. I am going to use it for my bedroom computer and get rid of my Klipsch Promedia's. I don't think I want to go to far back but my only real criteria is Dolby Digital since I will feed it with my nForce 2 mobo.

The reason that the focus is on flagships is mostly due to better components and gold plating. Also many of the advances new ones have I don't need like component and such.

So if you know the hierarchy please post or if there is a good on-line resource... I will update this first post for others that are in the same boat.

At random for now...

Yamaha RX V1
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You may want to check the back issues of some on line pubs like hometheatrehifi.com for reviews Also, I have been noticing that many of the manufacturers have information such as user manuals, reviews etc on their legacy equipment.
You might be able to find a Yamaha RX-V1 for a $1000 or so whihc was their flagship modle a couple years ago.

If you tell us what your budget is, we can recommend used models.
That is a great resource Tom, thanks. I'm going to burn a lot of time on this one I can feel it already :) . My Promedia's are ready for retirement so it's a worthy cause.
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