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Flash Gordon (1980) Anyone else want this?

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Had heard for several years now that Universal was working on an SE dvd release of this, but so far it is still MIA. I was looking forward to picking it up when it shows up, but now I can't get my mind off of how this would look in HD.

Anyone else think Universal should put this on the fast track for this format?
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It was on one of the movie channels in the last year or two. I had it on my dvr, but didn't have a DVHS player at the time to dump over to. It looked pretty good my friend, memories of 1980, the year I graduated, and man I had one hot date that went with me to Flash Gordon:) Those were the days.
Cheesy, but I give it a thumbs-up! ;)
That Ming Dude sure lived large. The soundtrack alone on HD is worth it. FLASH PKSS AHH AHH .....tun tun tun tun.
I recently saw a Special Edition DVD on sale on eBay. It was a European only release, had a great-looking case and was mastered in 5.1 from a new print that supposedly looked great. I don't have a region-free player, so I passed on it, but it would be nice to see it make it to North America.
I have the Region 2 DVD, it has a beautiful transfer. I would definitely buy FLASH GORDON on HD DVD.
Flash Gordon - The 'Flying Blind on a Rocketcycle' edition!
I'll definetely buy the DVD when it comes out not the HD-DVD.
I'll definetely buy the DVD when it comes out not the HD-DVD.
I believe that Sony owns Flash Gordon 1980 in their aquisition of the MGM library. Could this be why Universal skipped on the US release of the 25th anniversary SE DVD? Europe got a good R2 SE set but that's a different set of distribution rights.

If it's in the hands of Sony then it might never come out and if it does, it'll be Blu-Ray not HD-DVD.

Would be great to hear some news. It's showing on cable now (with Sony's logo shown at the end of the credits) and I'm noticing people are dumping their copies of the R1 Image entertainment DVD so is this a sign?? Hope so cuz I'm not shelling out $100+ for a poor transfer of the R1 just to find out the release is around the corner...
I have that other Region copy as well. We still love watching it for a few laughs from time to time. Definitely should be redone. So why not HD DVD or BD? Flash- He saved everyone of us! :D
It's too bad Sam J. Jones was dubbed over (horribly, IMHO) because he had a fall out with DeLaurentis. The one scene where you can clearly hear Jones' original recorded dialogue, when he talks with some Arborians about Aura he has a bit of a midwestern twang.

Wow! I remember seeing that movie in high school. A big letdown.
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