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We were given a Flip Mino camcorder in the fall. Yesterday, after months of very light and sporadic use, it died. We probably took maybe 25 short movies over 5-6 months. We googled and tried the reset trick and saw all the horror stories of similar result.

Here is the problem. The baby is real close to the first steps. We want that footage. Our other mini-DV camcorder is dead.

We'd like to buy something NOW. We liked the form factor quite a lot but looking through the amazon reviews it looks like most of these things have really poor quality issues. Any tips? I think we would prefer to go with something based on removeable flash memory (we have some stuff stuck on the flip now that its dead).

HD is nice but not essential. Mac compatable is nice, but if we have to do file conversions that isn't a total deal breaker. Under $250 ($500 at most) preferred.

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