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I am looking at some of the new LED/LCD HDTV sets. I like the picture on them but my fear is I like and have a darkened room and some reviews seem to show the flashlighting problem. I would find that a very bad issue. Are there any current models in the 55inch size not having this problem?
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Some reviews????

If you find one that doesn't cost an arm & a leg and at least $3,000 let us know.
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The bad news is that just about every LCD HDTV (whether CCFL or LED), even the big $ flagship models, have some form of panel uniformity ill effects (e.g. flashing, clouding, dirty screen effects, banding, edge creasing etc.).

The good news is that when viewing program content (rapidly changing colors, shapes), they usually don't detract much, if at all, from the viewed picture quality.
Good point. Minor screen imperfections are very difficult to spot in normal TV viewing. Flashlighting is mostly noticeable when content other than 16:9 is being viewed.
Actually on my Sony KDL46EX710 I never see flashlighting on 4/3 stuff, the black bars are pretty uniformly black. It's horrendous from some viewing angles when watching full screen stuff where the camera's tightly focussed on something in the middle of the screen and the rest of the screen is a bit out of focus. If the whole screen is in good focus the flashlighting is a lot less evident. Could just be a characteristic of my set but I can play Tetris on it for hours--bright image in the middle and darkness on the edges, and never see any flashlighting. Mine is known for being one of the worst models for flashlighting.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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