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Flickering p50...what is it??????-

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I'm having a hard time choosing between a Fuji p50-10 and a Pio 1110hd. I think each day I come to this board, my mind changes. I'm leaning more towards the Fuji P50-10 because of the price break, provided they are still available here in the SF Bay Area. I went to the local GG's, and they had both the Sony XBR 50" plasma next to the Fuji p50-10. If I hadn't ever found this board, I would have thought the Sony kicked the P50 out of the water. It was a lot sharper and crisper. I also noticed that on the Fuji, moving objects seemed to flicker, whereas on the Sony, the images were what you would think for a HD feed. Exactly what is this flickering? I was going to ask the salesman, but they were all busy and I was pressed for time. I know this plasma is rated very high by all, but do people notice this as well? Now that I think back, I've seen this "flickering" on other plasma's as well, but I don't recall if they were Fujitsu's or not.
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Never heard of this on any Fujitsu panels. May want to check out another one in a different store.

"If I hadn't ever found this board, I would have thought the Sony kicked the P50 out of the water. It was a lot sharper and crisper."

Never take the word of this forum over your own eyes! If the Sony looks better to you then you should go with it. The only thing you should make sure of is that you go to a few different stores to view them so that you've seen a good representative sample.
I'm shopping for my parents, and they said they don't like the floating screen of the Sony...they say it's too distracting.
I've never seen flickering on moving objects with the Fujitsu but I did have some problems with flickering on large dark areas. This was solved with help of TrainerDave. Check out this thread:
I experienced flickering on AKAI from Costco until my eyes adjusted after few days - was sitting too close to display anyway.
I too have never seen this with any Fujitsu plasma. However, I agree with Goombawa, if your eyes are telling you the Sony is more to your liking, then Sony it is. However, do you know how each was adjusted? Did you get in to the menu of each unit? Did you view these panels in a darkened environment?
I think you need to look at another P50 because it's either a bad P50 or a bad connection or looping system or whatever. I have a P50 and I love it and have no problems with it.
Ken pointed out usefully in other threads that if the brightness setting is to far off on the Fujitsu you get swarmies. I saw them too, and can echo your concern. But from all accuonts this is just a setup problem, easily dialed in with the remote control. Since you are in the SF Bay area, unlike us here you are allowed to play with the remote. Change the brightness setting and see if it solves the artifact and if so, you've got your winner.
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