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Saw a floor model sony KDL-40EX640 at best buy tonight. I know the Tv had inconsistent screen uniformity, with some owners happy while other complaining of flash lighting and clouding.

This floor model looked fantastic with no discernable flashlighting or clouding. I was switching inputs in the store to get an up close look at the screen while showing a black display.

It was $600 (normally 700), and I could get a warranty on it. Is it worth the discount going for a floor model that seemed to look great with no problems, versus trying a new unopened one that may have clouding and flashlighting?

Thanks for any input! I've been waiting to pull the trigger on a new set for years, and this Sony has great judder control, the 4 hdmi inputs I need, and a matte screen. Hard to come by in 40 inches now.
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