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Floor Mounting on Carpet

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The space I can currently use for my HT limits me to floor mounting and it's a carpetted room (a loft specifically). Is there any tips on coupling the PJ to a carpetted floor? I would like to mount it as securely as possible without damage to the carpet.

Currently my thoughts are to get a peice of MDF and put spikes on the bottom and put the projector on that and then put a coffee table type enclosure on top of that.

Any other thoughts or suggestions?


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Here's what I did for carpet:


Basically, put little feet on the bottom of the stand, build the stand to weigh 50 lbs, and then put the nearly 200lb projector on top. The little feet quickly settle into the carpet without marking it up at all. I used chair sliders available at HomeDepot for like $1 for 4. They have a nail on one side, and a plastic disc on the other.

I can't move my projector if I tried. Ok, I can, but it takes a massive amount of effort, certainly more than just bumping into it. More like *push* *shove* *grunt* *push* *groan* = 1/2" movement. :)

Though the spike idea is interesting, I never thought of that. If you do use spikes, use a lot, there's a lot of weight in that projector that will be bearing down on very tiny points onto the floor.
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With a projector directly on carpet, especially in the northern climes where you have to heat homes, static build-up may be a concern. I would definitely mount the projector on something, and maybe find a way to discharge static in the winter. A client of mine in Green Bay lost multiple computers that were left on in their building with people walking around and then touching them! They ended up putting in a room humidifier to cut down on the static build-up.


Huh, I never thought of the static buildup problem.

Isn't the chassis of the projector grounded to the powersupply ground? And therefore any static charge discharged into the projector is automatically grounded through the power cord to the building ground?
A computer is also grounded, but I imagine that anything that is in the path-to-ground is going to experience the surge. Hence why a bunch of computers would fry (fortunately, I live in a land where if the humidity is under 40%, we must be on our 30th+ day over 100 degrees fahrenheit!). I don't have a lot of experience with these things, but I have done the static thing when traveling North of the Mason-Dixon line, so it may be a concern here...



Thanks for the great tip about static. I hadn't thought of that. Now that I've just moved to New Hampshire I'm in a place where winter really means something.

Thanks for all the replys. I plan on doing a very tedious focus job on my 1271 and want to be as sure as I can that the projector won't be moved. I used to have it ceiling mounted but I've done it both ways and was looking for a more certain way to secure the floor mount scheme.

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