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Hello All

Picture below, shows my plan for a home theater. Plan to get an electric flush mount screen to come from the ceiling. Bookshelves on left and right wingwalls w/bookshelf speakers on them. Media cabinet in the corner by 2 windows.

Issues with this design:

1. The screen will be blocking the passthrough from family room to dinning room. I'm not too worried about access to the kitchen as people can walk around the bathroom through the pocket door. I'm worried that because the screen has nothing behind it, that it will move when it is down. We are redoing the HVAC so I will try and let them know I do not want any vents to blow in that direction. Is this just a bad idea in general though?

2. There is no "good" place for the center speaker. I'm planning on ceiling mount, not many options here but opinions?

3. Size of the screen, I think getting a screen wide enough to cover the entire passthrough to block light coming from the kitchen would be ideal but wife wants something smaller. I calculated a 135" screen would be wide enough to cover it. Agree?

4. Redoing the electrical in the house and planning to get the electrician to put in some new media outlets for the setup. Is it enough to have one HDMI port and one outlet in the ceiling for the projector? Is it necessary to have ethernet in the ceiling for the projector?

Thanks for any comments/opinions!

ProjectorLocation.jpg 119k .jpg file


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