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Floor to ceiling theater screen.

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Alright, now before you think I’m flat out crazy, let me explain that my screen area only has a ceiling height of 75 inches and will likely be a little less with carpet and ceiling treatment.  The original design of my home had sunken “Conversation Pit” in the middle of the living room with has long since been covered over but still has the sunken joists in the basement . So I’ve made that my Theater area.

I currently have a 122 inch designer white laminate screen that I built back in 07 and I have roughly 6 inches on the top and bottom at the moment.  The current screen has served me well l but I’d like to go AT with some Seymour fabric, either the XD or possibly even their new UF if it’s available when I’m building. 

I’m thinking a 16:9  floor to ceiling frame, and I’ll mask it approximately 3 inches all the way around afterwards. I plan to put some velvet on the ceiling, several feel out on one of the side walls (other is open and maybe some on the floor.

I've got a PT-AE4000u and a fully light controlled environment. Very happy with my current image and have tested at a bit shooting larger. What do you guys think? Good idea? Any thoughts suggestions or other things I should consider?
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My old screen was a 120” 4:3 72X96 and my ceiling height was about 75”.

It was fantastic. Go for it with the black ceiling you won’t have an issue. As long as your projector can cope with the drop height setting.
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