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I've got Infinity P162 bookshelf speakers in tandem with a PS12 sub.

I am thinking of completing my set with P362's and a the C350.

However as with the original setup I've got issues with where to set up floor standing speakers.

To Familiarize yourself with my current setup:
DONT CLICK! Copy and Paste the links

Top view made in AutoCAD. As you can see there isn't a great deal of possible placements
DONT CLICK! Copy and Paste the links

The Proposed setup:

Move my armoire closer to closet door (top left) and place the P362's on each side of the room directly in line with my seating position pointed at my ears.

The rears can go on my night stands or one on a small shelf to keep symmetry. Another option would be mounting them to the roof angled downwards but they are heavy and I won't be fond of drilling holes into my speaker back (they don't have mounting brackets already built in because of the weight compared to the P152 P142).

DONT CLICK! Copy and Paste the links

Would this be a bad idea? Any other suggestions?
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