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Flush mounting a Middle Atlantic Slim 5 in a wall

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I'm beginning to install a Slim 5 in my wall and want it to be mounted so that the plexiglass door is flush with the wall. There is a utility closet behind the wall, so I will have access to the components and wiring through that.

First hing is to obviously cut the hole for the Slim 5 out of the wall and reframe the opening with 2x4. I'm not sure if I want to just have the opening edge and corners be smooth (drywall corners) or if I want to trim it with wood trim to match the rest of the room and door openings.

Also, I didn't order casters because this is a fixed mount install and I have rear access, so I was wondering what other people were using under the base plaste, if anything, to support/secure and level it.

I'd be interested in seeing any pictures of other Slim 5 installations if you wouldn't mind posting them. Thanks.
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I've installed two slim 5 racks in my basement. It is hard to frame the opening just right so the racks fit perfectly. It may be better to frame an opening that is slightly bigger then the dimensions and use trim to hide the gap. Under the baseplate, I have 2x4s to support the rack.

Here is a construction phase picture of my setup.

Had to dig in the archives a bit but I found a post where I asked a similar question. The responses I got may be of some help to you.

Question: Framing for Slim-5 Rack
Good info, thanks. Now, where's my Saws-all!!!
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