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I'm planning on mounting some rack rails (the uprights, not the slides) into a wall cavity. Is Middle Atlantic the only go-to supplier for just the rails?

My question is how to best transition from the rails to the surface material. This is for a cavity in-between two 2x6 studs.

I've got a set of structured media cans to the left & right of this stud bay. I'm looking to use some patch panels on the top of this bay as a means to bring wire over to a regular 19" rack for all the whole house and theater gear. The cans are great for looks but don't offer a good way to bring wire out. I specifically want to avoid things being just nailed up on an open board. That and avoid direct wiring of in-wall cabling to the rack. I'm specifically NOT looking to use this to mount gear into it. Just the panels and then coverage for the rest of the bay.

I've enough wall space to accommodate using a full 19" rack width (and the whole 93" height). I don't "need" that much vertical rack frontage, but 8U and larger panels can be had to cover whatever I don't need right away. I'm planning on putting a plywood backer panel behind it to allow for nailing up whatever additional gear comes along.

My question is, given there's going to be some structured media boxes to the left & right (just a 2x4's width away), what should I consider using as edging to transition from the rack panels?
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