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"Flyers at NY Rangers" on ESPNHD 1/22/04

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Finally something besides bb on ESPNHD.
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Based on the other night's HDNet Ranger game, I have never seen such a bad HD telecast. Maybe it's the lighting at the Garden, dark spots in the corners.
Uncanny how I have tickets to all of the HD games!

Al, what did you find bad? Just the corners? I saw both the MSG-HD feed and the HDNet feed, and I thought they both looked pretty good.
Originally posted by TiVo_Al
Based on the other night's HDNet Ranger game, I have never seen such a bad HD telecast. Maybe it's the lighting at the Garden, dark spots in the corners.
I didn't see any major issues with the HDNet game the other day. It looked just as good as most other HDNet hockey games.

It will be interesting to see if ESPNHD does any better with this game than they did with the other hockey game they did.
I don't have HDNet, but every SD broadcast I've seen from MSG (basketball or hockey) seems to have horrible lighting.
I have seen HDNet games from Columbus (where I live), Anaheim and, I think, St. Louis, that I remember. All were teriffic.

The Rangers-Bruins game from Madison Square Garden on Tuesday (I grew up and remain a Rangers fan) seemed dark and had far less definition than the others, I felt. It was especially bad in the corners and the difference in lighting from place to place on the rink was clearly noticable when a wide shot showed a corner.

I don't know if it's the arena lighting or not, but I was unimpressed. If this had been my first HD experience I would have said "You want me to pay thousands of dollars to get this?"

I'll look at the game tonight to see if I think it's any better and post again tomorrow.
Hopefully it wont be blacked out in NY/NJ, but i'm expecting the worst...
Of course they'll black it out for me ;(
It's a National game. It won't be blacked out anywhere. ESPN has the rights. MSG is not even broadcasting tonight.
Before I posted this, I checked to make sure it was not on the regional channels and that there were no other hockey games on ESPN tonight.

It should not be blacked out.
Damn I gambled and lost. Now I have to go shopping tonight with my wife...
Just got Comcast HD here in Dallas a week ago, and can't wait to see this game in HD tonight. Grew up near Philly as a Rangers fan, so I can't wait to see the crystal clear vision of Chris Simon punching Donald Brashear in the nose.
Traitor. ;) I hope you didn't say that too loud when you were near Philly.
Actually, I was brave/stupid enough to wear a Messier jersey to the (then) FU Center two years ago, and almost got in about five different fights. For some reason they all got mad when I'd say 1975...
I am very jealous of you guys - longtime Ranger fan but unfortunate to be a Charter subscriber so no ESPNHD. They make me feel like I should be grateful to have Discovery and HBO. Charter - rat *******s!
not blacked out.........
The ESPN animation between replays look really pixelated. Also the lighting isn't the greatest. Looks a little dark.
msg has always had poor lighting
Is it just me or is this is less impressive than the hertiage game by CBC.
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