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Flyers Playoff games in HD - CSN

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Comcast SportsNet (Philadelphia) has announced their schedule of Flyers games available in HDTV in the Phiadelphia area. CSN-HD is available on cable channel 172.

game 1 -- Wednesday, April 9, Toronto at Flyers, 7pm

game 2 -- Friday, April 11, Toronto at Flyers, 7pm

game 7* -- Tuesday, April 22, Toronto at Flyers, 7pm *(if necessary)

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What a prime week for CSN-HD in Philly! Sixers-Pistons tonight, Flyers-Leafs Playoffs Wednesday and Friday, Phillies-Braves Thursday. Let's hope this is a glimpse of the full-time schedule in 2004 when there will be in-house HD production facilities in FU Center and the "New Phillies Ballpark." If there is any justice, we'll have ESPN-HD and HD-NET as well, and plenty of live HD sports programming to choose from!

Unless I read it wrong, the CSN site only had Game 7 of a Flyers-Leafs series listed for SD CSN.

Too bad you will only get to see those two games in HD, since the Leafs will wrap up the series in 5!

Originally posted by spicoli

the Leafs will wrap up the series in 5!

Go Leafs!!!!!
So long as the Leafs keep Eddie away from the Nyquil, they may win it....the Philly series that is...:D

And to stay on topic here, damn Philly has it in for HD sports this year. Nice job Philly!
sports in hd that is fantastic but i am not surprised it is a great city and good fans too:D

but us leaf fans are every where so go leafs go !!!!;)
I wish I could get them here. I'm a HUGE Flyers fan...I'd kill to see my boys in HD. I hope we get to the cup...thats the only way I'm gonna see them in HD...PS...The Leafs will go down in 5...Nolan will fold and Sundin won't be playing...

We'll see if LeClair and the boys can get us to the 2nd round!
Guys I have Hd in toronto, with rogers .

Is there another channel that will play this series in hd like abc or cbs.
The cup finals will be in HD on ABC. As far as I know these are the only ones we will get with Rogers.

I'll be watching the games on ABC in HD, and listening to Cole and Neil for commentary on CBC. We can only dream about Hockey Night in Canada in HDTV right now unfortunately.
What a lousy game...terrible first period, great second period, abismal third period. I sure hope they pull it together and win one on Friday. Otherwise I'll be watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on dvd......
Yea but did they LOOK better Losing in HD!:D
Living half way between Balitomore/DC and Philly Comacst in my area carries to CSN SD channels one for each regions teams. But it seems they have decided to alternate between showing Philly Games and DC/Balt. games on the 1 CSNHD channell - which seems fair. But last night I could not believe that instead of having the Flyers game on the HD channel they instead decided it better to show absoluletly nothing excpet for the schedule of upcoming Wizards games. Between this, lack of CBS, and slow movement on ESPN my patience is growing thin with Comcast, but reading the posts here it doesn't seem like their is a clear cut better choice at this point....
BTW apparently ABC will be broadcasting a couple of games in the 2nd & 3rd rounds in HD also.

Glenn, funny how your opinion of the game and mine differ 180-degrees! :D :D
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