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I am a newbie to video capture/HTPC. So please bear with me.

I installed a new flyvideo 2000 capture card in my Dell PC 4550 (P4 2.5,120 gb HD, 640mb RAM, geforce4 video card and integrated audio - no separate audio card).

I connected a 1). coaxial cable from a splitter to the flyvideo card,

2). composite video and audio cables to the card from a VCR which has the the cable connection thru splitter.

There are 2 problems

1). Audio - no audio at all.

(I have no separate audio card on my PC and so I connected the composite audio cable from VCR to the audio-In of the flyvideo card)

2). Video - I can get the TV channels to watch on the PC monitor but cannot capture. when i capture (on play back) ,either

a). there is no picture - just a fuzzy black screen or

b). I see the picture but it is overlaid by a green shadow almost completely except for a small horizontal strip at the top and it is often jerky.

When I try to capture from VCR (VHS) thru composite A/V cables , there is no picture, just grey/black strips.

Can someone help me with these issues. I am a total newbie with reg to capture/HTPC.

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