Priced at $14,000 per pair, Focal Sopra No. 2 3-way loudspeakers are positioned as a high-end product. However, the demo I attended did nothing to change my feeling that the brand’s speakers are a bit bright for my taste—I’m not a big fan for the company’s inverted-dome Beryllium tweeters.

On the speaker you’ll find a 1” inverted-dome tweeter, a 6.5” midrange, and twin 7.5” woofers. Frequency response is listed as 34 Hz to 40 kHz, which is a bit limited in the bass department considering the cost of a pair. It's an 8-ohm speaker and Focal recommends between 40 and 300 watts of amplification. At the show, twin Pass Labs monoblocks provided the electrons.

The three demo tracks did nothing to change my feelings about Focal. Little Sonny’s “Don’t Ask Me No Questions” and “Tomorrow’s Blues Today” came across as a bit fuzzy with exaggerated bass, although that could be partly due to the recording (I checked the tracks using headphones). Dennis from HTS noted that the imaging “Had good depth with the image located behind the speaker plane.”

A rendition of “Lush Life” by Linda Ronstadt showed off the strongest suit of the Sopra No. 2: midrange clarity. Her vocals were pure and present, floating in space before the listener. Dennis found the experience more captivating than I, noting that “Female vocals reached out and grabbed me, pulling me into my chair with eyes riveted forward and looking toward the source of the sound.”
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"Lush Life" playing on the Focal Sopra No. 2s
The Sopra No. 2 demo left me feeling ambivalent. I had to refer to my notes to write this piece because the listening session did not impart a lasting impression. Perhaps I'll have better luck next time.

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