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Football Spurs Multi-Screen Game Room Design

By Lisa Lisa Montgomery
5-screen setup is just the beginning of a whole-house control system.

Most people head to the nearest sports bar when they want to watch more than one football game at once. The owners of this 12,000-square-foot home in San Diego, Calif., just walk upstairs to their newly constructed game room.

High-level sports viewing was the impetus for building the space, says custom electronics professional Ryan Lipkovicius of Audio Impact in San Diego, Calif. One of the owners is a football fanatic, so a top priority when building the house was to have a room dedicated to it.

While the 700-square-foot game room was being constructed, Audio Impact laid out its plans. The front wall would feature an arrangement of five Pioneer plasma TVs: one 60-inch display in the middle, flanked by two Elite 42-inchers on either side.

Each display would be fed by its own high-def satellite receiver and controlled by the same Control4 touchpanel. It's cool enough to be able to press one button to turn on five games simultaneously, but Lipkovicius took the cool factor up several notches by enabling the owners to move the images to whichever screen they wantplus operate the room's lighting and heating and coolingall through the one touchpanel.

Engaging a sports button on the lighting menu, for example, activates the lights by the bar at the back of the room. Touching movie, on the other hand, fades out the lights, and the owners can activate their Sony Blu-ray player and direct the movie onto the 60-inch display. There's also a button that pulls a view of the front door surveillance camera onto the screen.

Lipkovicius could have stopped right at the game room, but he was able to stretch the homeowners' $150,000 budget to include other features. The master bathroom, for example, was fitted with a 32-inch Sharp TV and a Control4 keypad. The TV was positioned behind a pane of two-way glass that functions as the vanity mirror.

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