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...for those of you using them for a comp monitor, try this:

1. change all possible comp custom settings to your favorite colors

and combinations, not only text and field, but even down to more 'minor' ones like 'hover', etc.

2. change monitor settings> appearance to: black/large.

(the bad news: this applies mainly to the Seleco 200DM, which may have the best and most vivid colormetry of any and all dlps and lcds)

3. buy a Seleco 200DM!

I bet Alan or Jason will work you a good deal!

Then, enjoy!

I think you will find your comp surfing experience will 'come alive'!

Standard/default settings will look boring in comparison!

Wish I could provide screen shots of just how colorful, cheerful, and alive my comp viewing is now! Everything is in color! Very bright and livid colors!

And, to enhance your experience, if you have a surround sound system connected, I would change to MS audio settings for mainly the 'jungle' sounds, plus other desireable audio sounds, even for all 'clickable' possibilities!

My computer surfing now is a very pleasurable video and audio experience!

Da Wulff.........out!
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