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These use IPS 10-bit panels IPS is the best flavor of LCD for Gaming, since it has 0 input lag.

I personally went from a LN32B640 which uses an MVA panel but those had a 3-4 frame in put lag and therefore useless for gaming.

I just bought the Panasonic TC-L32S1, they are guranteed to be an IPS Pro panel.

And Xbox 360 gaming really benefits.



plus are great with no motion blur and great side angles

Playing on a Samsung LCD made me dizzy and they had motion blur and input lag, with the IPS panels, all that is gone and I can play great. Plus IPS panels have better overall color thats why Apple uses them in their Apple Cinema Display and in the new iPad coming out. Since they don't do that weird color shift when you press on them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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