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For Sale (3) Seaton Catalyst 12C's with upgraded amps

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Hello All,

As the title states I am selling 3 Seaton Catalyst 12C's with upgraded amps. These have NEVER been incorporated into my system. I will explain below as to why momentarily. I purchased these from fellow AVS member Jrunr (Jason) in March. The link to his original ad is here: *For Sale* 1 x Seaton Catalyst 8C speaker.
I am not looking to profit from this sale, I simply want to recoup my original costs. I paid $6960.00 which included shipping in the original boxes. Pictures below are from the original post (link above) and the speakers are STILL in the original boxes from Seaton in my garage. If you someone needs pics of them in my garage please ask.

This is where my Seaton saga begins. As mentioned I purchased these speakers from Jason (AVS member Jrnr) on 3/17 with delivery arranged through U-Ship on 3/18. As luck would have it 3/18 comes and goes and no Seaton's. As does 3/19, 3/20, etc. etc. Jason and I both try to get a hold of the driver from U-Ship and by the 3rd day with no answers his phone goes dead. On March 24th, one week after deliver was supposed to be made Jason and I, with the help of U-Ship file charges against the driver. I do so in my state (IL) and Jason does in his (GA). There is no way of locating the driver so we are simply waiting. In the interim my wife is understandably upset and as she is NOT part of the AV tribe like I am. Not in the slightest! I am basically out 7K pending the filing of insurance on Jason's end which he begins. Another week goes by with no word. I continue to try to push authorities to hopefully get some answers but more importantly silence my extremely upset wife! Finally, at 3:30 AM Monday morning April 5th I get a phone call from the driver that picked up the speakers on 3/17. He allegedly had pulled over in Arkansas to rest and two "vagrants" entered his pull behind trailer in an unlocked door. He did not notice the door was open and was pulled over by Arkansas State police and upon inspection his passengers were discovered along the drug paraphernalia and meth. They were arrested along with the U-Ship driver. He stated he was held without bond pending a hearing which took 3 weeks to take place. The speakers were finally delivered on 4/7 to my house. Intact, no damage. At this point my wife is well past ever wanting to see or hear about the CATS ever again. Hence this ad. I have resisted listing hoping she would relent but no way that is happening so, hear I am sharing a story that you cannot make up! Jason, can confirm all of the details I have relayed, as can U-Ship and again, I am NOT looking to make a dime I am simply looking to recoup what I paid. The speakers are very heavy but they are in their original boxes and everything in Jason's ad that is linked above is included. I have stellar reviews on every major selling sight so simply ask if you have any questions including Jason's direct contact info in order to validate the story I have laid our above. I am sorry for the long read. Thanks for reading. Any other information that you may need please feel free to ask! BTW I am located in the Chicagoland area if someone wanted to pickup locally.



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Are these still available?
They are not. Good luck with your search!
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