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Still available?
The seller is a "newish" member, who hasn't been back to AVS since since 3 days after posting this thread three weeks ago.

Couple of suggestions:

1) If you click on a member's profile name, you can go to their profile page and it will show you the last time they visited AVS (assuming they log in each time).

2) You would have better luck finding a lens, by posting a "want" ad in this forum vs digging up old or sold threads and bumping. These lens come up for sale on a fairly regular basis. I know when I am ready to sell an item, the first thing I do is run a search for "wanted to buy" threads to make them an offer to sell.

3) Contact a AVS sales rep to see if they run across b stock panamorph 480 lens. They are a dealer and may have access to b stock.

Good Luck
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