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Sale: M&K MK Sound V10 Subwoofer. $999 ($200 off retail), negotiable!

Brand new, in sealed box. This has never been opened before.

Letting this go at $999, negotiable, inclusive of shipping. That's at least $200 off retail! May be sold elsewhere within 2 days, so, do send me a private message quickly if you're interested!

1) Although according to the label on the box, it says "220v"...
2) However, based on pictures of the back of the V10 subwoofer taken of MK's product page, there is a voltage selector for 100-120V and 220-240V.
3) Also, according to page 5 of MK's V-series operation manual (you can search for it on Google; picture attached),
"The voltage input can be changed to the correct local voltage by sliding the selector to correct position. Adjacent to the AC power cord receptacle on the back of the subwoofer you will find a voltage selector switch pre-set at the factory for the proper local voltage.
USA, Canada and Taiwan standard voltage is 120 volt."


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