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Asking for $2000, cash only, local pick up in San Jose, CA. Happy to field any reasonable offers.

I'm heartbroken that I have to sell this TV -

The TV was purchased brand-new from Best Buy (Magnolia) on 11/17/14 and only has 314 hours on it, every single one of them being full-screen with no static images or video games played on it. I pretty much just finished breaking it in to prep for professional calibration, but regrettably can no longer afford to keep it due to being foolish and quitting my job.

By my eye, every single pixel is working perfectly. I have not noticed a single dead, stuck or flashing pixel. The rest of the TV is in immaculate condition as well, with no bumps or bruises anywhere along the frame or stand.

It has the standard plasma buzz, but it is no more pronounced than the other 60" Samsung plasma (F5300) I have.

All original wires, documentation (including original receipt), both remotes, 4x unopened 3D glasses - anything that was in the box originally - is included.

I no longer have the TV's box. Apologies.

Please private message me to set up a talk over email or phone if you are interested. (Won't just let me post my email here - new account made just to sell this TV! Long time lurker...)

Forgot to say in the original post that $2000 is the price I listed the TV for on Craigslist. I've since pulled that listing price down to $1800.

And I'm still more flexible on price here, probably looking to get at least $1600 though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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