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This post is meant to be to possible LG buyers primarily, and the following is not meant to knock Samsung or any other brand. Every brand has it's horror stories.

Here is a link to a horror story in buying a set long distance.

I wanted to post this is to make sure potential LG buyers or owners know of this in warranty LG policy.

"If a LG HDTV puchased from an authorized dealer needs repair, and parts are not in the service shop 15 days after ordering, customer gets new set"

(thats a short version, of course)

As I said, this is not to knock Samsung. It is just to point out a good policy of a good brand. Many times problems like this can be rectified quickly, as the buy is made close to home at a CC, BB, and such - and the exchange is easy. That said - there are many sets bought long distance from authorized dealers that have limited options if there is a problem.
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