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For you DIYers, suggestions needed.

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For you DIYers out there any advice on this?

This is a picture of my room iinet.net.au/~djcatterall/images/room.jpg (I can't post links yet)

Its going to be renovated so the computer on the right is going to be on the left where the desk is (not there any more). I'm then going to centre the R/P between the left outcropping little wall and the right hand wall.

Question is, what would you recommend for a screen that could probably come down from the roof in front of the R/P for the projector. A tripod type set up would be REALLY inconvenient because of the storage required, perhaps something rigid hinged to the roof that can swing down or lock away (messy) or any ideas on a drop down screen from the roof? How much is a standard pull down screen that can be room mounted?

Easier to DIY your buy one?

Opinions appreciated.
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At the top of the page is a DIY screen forum, check there. An inexpensive screen from Dalite would work.

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