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I own a vizio P55 and appear to suffer from jitter to the point of where the audio will drop due to a massive desync, this also occurs on my parents roku. I suppose to problem lies that the video content is being rendered on the device and the screen is mirrored to the TV when chromecast/miracast is being used. I checked the config of the TV when playing back various content through different means to realize that in some cases it was 720p @60hz through googles casting, yet casting through the chrome browser will do 30hz which a bit more tolerable for movies and tv shows. Most apps I believe provide the rstp feed to the TV and the TV handles the download/stream and will auto negotiate the framerate/resolution of the video but is unable to do so since this is just directly mirroing the screen. I have tried the app tvhz made by chain fire but appears that has not been supported for a while and only displays forcing 60hz.

I'am unsure if the displays on my android devices can be set to 24/30hz which would be the easiest solution if chromecast is mirroring the display. One is 1920x1080 @ 60fps
Alternatively forcing the TV to a specific hz/resolution would also ideal when casting via chromecast/roku. Roku you can at least force a resolution, but not the refresh rate.

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated, not sure if this is the appropriate section to ask but I figure its close enough. I may try to revise a script to be ran that sends a request to the TV forcing a resolution but I know nothing of how chromecast handles a request/protocol. Given chrome browser negotiates 30hz I figure this would be possible and capturing sent packets to the device may yield some information and may just require a simple request to be sent with appropriate headers.
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