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Forgot about IR distribution - doh.

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I've decided on purchasing a many-to-many HDMI (HDbaseT) system, essentially you have a decoder for each TV you want to throw a HDMI signal to and an encoder for each source that wants to receive the HDMI signal - it works over a regular network switch (HDBaseT) - my needs for this type of system don't extend past 1080p. If you're interested this is the solution. Anyway, I just realised I can't throw IR over this system (encapsulating IR over IP - whoah). Thankfully I have loads of spare cat5 at each monitor location...

My question is, using this IR block (below), can I wire many IR receivers to a single block?


This diagram (below) suggests many IR Receivers connections are terminated to a single connection block? Anyone have experience, can it be done, is there an elegant way I can wire four IR receivers to a single block without over crowding the connection block?

Many thanks!

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take a look at this:
also on this site see application notes for multiple receiver diagram: it says you need blocking diodes for each receiver:https://www.store.calrad.com/App_Notes/92-165 Multiple Receiver Diagram.pdf
hope this helps
My mind is blown... thank you.

This IR HUB looks like a specialist stuff, a quick search in the UK doesn't give me many options, or even a similar product.

I think it might even be cost effective to get cheap HDMI+IR over Cat5 just for the IR function... I've seen these on AliExpress for extending IR over Cat5 - but my guy is telling me, don't bother.
in case someone finds this thread in 2025: This video explains the solution I was looking for, thank you @markrubin
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keep in mind with so many IR receivers IR noise like from some TV’s backlights, fluorescent lights, sunlight, etc will be amplified and could cause issues; Also I recommend light blocking covers on IR emitters.
Why use IR? IR should be used when serial / IP cannot be supported.
I'm too much of a noob to know otherwise... happy to learn if you can share some links/ thoughts.

FYI, the HDMI encoders/ decoders both have these modules at the rear, but the vendor has already confirmed IR isn't supported, unless I asked the wrong question.

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I spoke to Keene (AV essentials and smart home products) here in the UK, Joe and Chris knew exactly what I needed, they recommend a few solutions and yes, IR-over-IP actually exists! (not that I needed). The Connection block below along with IR over Cat5 will fit my needs perfectly

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