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Format for HD STB to ED Plasma (Zenith P42W46X)?

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I'm posting here because I assume the plasma guys are more familiar

with EDTV. My cable company is delivering an HD STB (moto DC5100)

and I was wondering which format I should set the YPbPr output

to. The TV is 480p, but accepts 1080i and 780p. Should I assume that

the STB and the TV do equivelent jobs of "downsizing" the 1080i/780p?

Then again, I know some programming is 1080i and some 780p which,

for example, means if I set it to 780p and a program is 1080i the box

will convert it to 780p, then the TV would convert to 480p. It seems

like I should just set the box to 480p. Correct?

Thanx in advance,

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Hmmmm, not sure about setting the STB to 480p. I suppose it would matter which has the better scaler. The plasma or the STB.

FWIW, when we watch HD the STB is set to 720p (there is no 780p, BTW). Our STB does not have a setting for 480p.
Set it to 1080i.

You plasma will show great images.

I tried settting it to 720 during MNF, but couldn't see a difference.

480p did appear softer, especially on distant crow shots of the stadium.
The Zenith has a top-quality de-interlacer and scaler (Faroudja) so use 1080i output - you will get better results.
1080i seems to be the mandate .. look at my very similar thread:

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