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We're moving and selling our custom Fortress Matinee home theater seats, purchased from Fortress Seating for $30,000 + $1,200 freight shipping (copy of invoice attached).

Only 2 of the 8 seats have seen use in our private home theater, and the seating is in immaculate condition.


- 50/50 Standard Leather
- Classico Black
- 4-Seat Pocket Arm Unit—fixed arms on ends, foldable pocket arms in center
- Cup holder all arms
- 24/27/27/24" Seat Width (approx. 117" total width x 39" high)
- Medium Back Height (approx. 26")
- Motorized mechanism

As most of you here know, Fortress Seating is regarded as the top of the line, found in luxury dine-in theaters and upscale homes.

We're offering both rows (8 seats) at 60% off the sales price at $12,000. Local pickup only in Frisco, TX.

Please reach out with any questions.


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That's a beautiful home theater you have there, love the black look.

Ps : I think you're better offering this in the Classifieds

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