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So I finally got myself a sexy new Blu Ray player at long freaking last but with my old Sony KDF-50E2000 TV having only 2 HDMI connections and one already being used by my HTPC and with Blu Rays only offering HDMI output, as well I may not be able to get a new TV any time soon and wanting to get a new PS4 or Xbox 720 this fall, I was now suffering from an serious HDMI shortage. Seeings how my only options were either to A: Buy an HDMI switch or B: Wwap my Xbox 360 back to component cabling that my Sony DLP has in droves, I decided to see which one I could strike cheaper first and go with that. Research turned up that HDMI switch quality can be hit and miss at times and even quality 2 port switches started in the $30 range, even online.

Figuring i'd never be able to notice a quality difference at 720P for my Xbox 360 because thats what my Sony was limited to anyway, I did some digging around and was hoping I could find a used cable cheap from Hastings or other used video equipment stores or a new 3rd party company cable sitting on the shelves at the retails stores for cheap, but no luck after driving around town burning gas.

Finally I decided to check out Gamestop and see what their used section had to offer. New manager *like the 4th one in 3 years, my store has a high turnover* asked me what I was looking for and he said "Your in luck today!" and handed this to me from the back shelf area. They were clearancing out Microsoft accessories to make room and selling new stuff at used prices!

$13 with my Gamestop card vs $40 new at most other places! Talk about a nice score outa nowhere! This still leaves me the problem with finding a quality HDMI switch for my PS4 or XBOX 720 down the road if I don't have a new TV by then, but its always cool to find a great buy like this!

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