Four new turntable models from Canadian speaker maker Fluance offer Ortofon cartridges, servo belt drive, and even acrylic platters in top two models.

It seems that  Canadian speaker maker Fluance has caught the turntable bug. The company has announced to the immediate availability of four new models, all of which are equipped with Ortofon cartridges. The prices range from $299-$499 for the new RT82, RT83, RT84, and RT85 models.

These turntables share some features including a servo controlled belt drive motor with an optical speed regulating sensor, for a "wow and flutter" spec of 0.07. All feature a solid wood plinth with three rubber spike type isolation feet. All feature an aluminum, S-shaped tone arm, and these turntables provide a direct signal path from the stylus to the RCA outputs.

While there is no cheesy built-in preamp to muck up the signal, it does mean that you'll need to connect to a receiver or integrated that supports phono, or else pick up a phono preamp for it. The unweighted signal-to-noise ratio all of these turntables is specified as 65 dB (unweighted) and 76 dB (weighted).

Let's look at the new turntables one-by-one:

The RT82 ($299) It is the most affordable and basic option, it ships with a  Ortofon Super OM 10 cartridge. This turntable features a metal platter. Upgrading to the RT83 ($349) gets you a better cartridge, namely the  Ortofon 2M Red .

The RT84 ($449) and RT85 ($499) models ship with a upgraded platter, made of frosted acrylic. It looks cool, it also weighs more and therefore provides a more consistent speed and additional resistance to vibrations versus the metal platter. The RT84 uses the same Ortofon 2M Red as the RTR83, Meanwhile the RT85 ships with a  Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge—which retails for well over $200, so this is actually the best deal. Speed variation on these models is specified at 0.10%

Notably, you can upgrade the platter of either the RT82 or RT83 to the acrylic platter after the fact.

These new models all slot above the existing, entry-level RT80 and RT81 turntables from Fluance.

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