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Fox 5.1 Audio on Comcast DCT 5100

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I live in Southern NH and have a Comcast 5100 cable box. I'm running a coax audio cable out of the digital audio out on the box to my Integra 6.3 Digital receiver. I've got the receiver set up to automatically select the correct type of digital input from the Comcast box, however , the display only shows the input signal as PCM and Dolby Prologic. The source for the signal has been the ACLS and World series games on FOX HD channel 825. I've spoken with several other people in my area and in Northeastern Mass and they are experiencing the same issue. Is there a special setting on the Comcast box "setup" that addresses this issue or is Comcast not putting out the 5.1 sound in my area?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I live near bem ( Within 25 miles) and I have the same problem. Is DD 5.1 available through Comcast in our area? If so, how do we get it? I have an Onkyo 898 and my DD 5.1 is set to auto-select. All I see on my display during the World Series is Prologic.

See the FOX threads in the programming forum to see if your FOX affiliate is pasing the DD5.1 feed.
You have to go into the Menu and select Setup. Click on Audio and change the Audio Output to Advanced. Keep Compression set to None and Stereo Output set to Stereo.
How do I get to the menu setup?

I've been turning on the display and hit the guide button on the remote to get to the menu. There is nothing there about audio and no advanced menu options. Is there another menu that I'm missing?


P.S. The equipment is the same as bem.
I know remote vary but there should be a Menu button on the remote.
Using the Comcast remote I can get to the user settings screen for the DCT 5100 by pressing "Menu" with the cable box power off but the TV on.

The user settings screenthat comes up only has info related to changing display type , closed caption options and outputs defaults etc. There are no audio settings on this display. I am I missing something?
You need to go into the on screen menu. Press MENU. Select Main Menu. Select SETUP from the column labelled Viewer Services (in green). Select AUDIO.

I believe you want to do the following....

Under "audio output" set it to ADVANCED

Compression set to NONE

Stereo output set to MATRIX STEREO

I just found audio settings. It's was on the regular Comast program menu display and not on the Motorola DCT 5100 user setting menu. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for everyone's help.
You do not want that menu. It has been so long since I had the 5100 but there has to be a menu button on the remote or maybe even onthe STB itself.

By the way, this is one of the most asked questions here and seems to happen when people received a firmware update.

Instructions were right on the money!

Can't wait to check it out tonight when Sox go for game 3.

I didn't expect to find the audio setup on the standard Comcast menu. I thought it would be a level deeper and appear on the Motorola box setup.

Thanks again.
So, bem,

The game is just getting under way. Hows your audio?

Unfortunately, I'm watching in standard def tonight so I won't know about mine til tomorrow.


Works great. Whole different viewing experience. Speech mostly thru center channel and slightly panned to FL FR. Other event audio especially crowd audio mostly in rear.

I sure your you'll experience the same with your system.

I set up my system using the instructions given by Panth1 and I get the same results you get, which is good. One thing puzzles me though.

When I put in a DD 5.1 encoded DVD, my receiver's display (Onkyo 898) spells out the signal coming in, Dolby D., DTS or DTS 6.1 in lage dot matrix letters.

Whith the World Series all I get is one of those little displays that light up that says DD digital in tiny writing at the top of the display.

I'll have to read my manual when I get home to find out what the difference is. It may have something to do with that "stereo matrix" option in the comcast box settings. Does anyone know what exactly this setting means?

I have to get back to work now before my boss finds out i'm surfing AVS!(inside joke, bem is my boss):D

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Not sure what matrix does, but I have it selected along with advanced and no compression.

The point I wanted to make is to re-visit the setup from time to time to see if a firmware upgrade has reset your audio. With the compression off, you will notice a lot of sound level variances between stations. I can't remember which way, but going from ABC to NBC can change the level considerably and going from SD to HD. I "think" it's because with compression off, it's passing the digital signal straight through and the levels from the stations aren't standardized. Anywho, this is how I know something has changed when the sound isn't all over the place and I go reset the AUdio.
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