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Wow, no thread for this movie?

My wife and I watched this a few weeks ago, I liked it a lot, she thought it was just OK and about twenty minutes too long.

I agreed with her that the film did start out slow, but once they reach the mansion, the story really starts to grow and come alive, with a palpable sense of building tension and dread, mixed with bouts of adrenaline and exhilaration. The performances were all remarkable, with the actors really breathing life into their roles. Carell, in particular, was solid. I had expected to judge his success on whether or not I would anticipate him throwing out his old standby line. "That's what she said." at any point. His performance was so far past that level that it never even entered my mind once he appeared on screen.

It's fair to say that I didn't fully appreciate the work he did until watching the non-spoiler video below featuring the real John du Pont:

In particular, the fishing scene that starts at about 2:22 shows just how clearly Carell nailed the character, as clearly displayed by his stance and patter. When I showed the clip to my wife, she was amazed and impressed by just how uncanny his performance was.

While I'm not sure if the movie has much of a repeat-viewing value, it's definitely worth watching.

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