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FP Mount for vaulted Ceiling

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HI Guys

Back to the Knowledge well.

In last 3 weeks i have switched over to a front projector from one of the new big Samsung DLP based on good input from you guys. I'm very happy with the were i'm at in the layout of the HT. The remodel will be started in April and finish up in Late June Time frame. I hoping to have time to post pictures of the project as it's going along.

Back to the question.

I've decided to go with the Pany AE-700 using a 86 in. Stewart Firehawk. This room will have vaulted ceiling and I need a Mount that can drop down to work with this projector unfortunately I can put it on the back wall. Can you guy's recommend one that does not cost me a bundle. The guy selling me the screen provided me a plan to build my own, but I don't think it will pass the wife factor. She is being really cool my plan so far. I don't want to rub her wrong at this stage.....

Thanks In Advance...Mike:D
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re-reaging my post and made a typo:

I Can't put it on the back wall..(it's 20 ft back)
I have an 11 foot ceiling and things are mounted just fine. Chief brand projector mounts accommodate a standard size pipe (think it's 3 inches diameter). It is just a matter of going to Home Depot and having them cut and thread a length of pipe. I made a pretty strange PVC contraption that allowed me to make an adjustable length tube, got the length measurement and then measured what was the final setting. Sane people probably just use some kind of normal measuring technique.

The AVS folks have good pricing on the Chief mounts, they're who I got mine from.
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