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Does your FragFX R3 button work correctly?

  • No - I can't get it to work at all.

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  • Yes - I have no issues with it.

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  • Sometimes - but it needs to be pressed quite hard.

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FragFX users - do you have issues with the R3 button

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Since getting my FragFX just over a week ago, I've had issues with getting the R3 (center mouse) button to work. Even after installing the latest firmware from Splitfish right after I got it. What happens is that the R3 button was duplicating the R1 button, and I could not get the middle mouse button to act like R3.

After calling Splitfish support yesterday, they indicated that new firmware and tweak updates would be up on the website later in the evening. So I saw the updates on their site late last night and downloaded and installed the updates. I now can get the R3 button to work, but it requires a lot of force to do so. Just tapping the center R3 button will still duplicate R1, you really have to press hard to get R3 working like it should.

I'm curious what other FragFX users are having an issue with the mouse's R3 button?
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Wow... only one other user here with the FragFX? I was under the impression this controller was widely used.
At any rate, after contacting Splitfish they indicated a new hardware batch was going out around the end of this week and that they put my name on the list for one of the new ones.
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They should redesign it too while they're at it. I'm still hitting the buttons on the side of the mouse. They should make the mouse taller so that theres a resting area for your thumb when moving the mouse.
Yeah, I've noticed this too and wished for a larger mouse at times.

And I think I know the reason they haven't come out with a wireless version yet - there's still some issues with the current corded version. But if they can fix the center mouse (R3) button, I'll be happy.
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