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Framerate is terrible when watching 1080p quicktime videos

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i just downloaded the new transformers trailer in 1080p and when i watch it, it'll play all the way through but at a framerate that seems to be a third of what its meant to run at. ive got a decent gfx card (ati x700pro 256mb) and 1GB of ram so im not exactly sure why this is happening.

if anyone could provide suggestions or help me out in any way, it'd be much appreciated.

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I had the same problem while using Windows Media Player Classic and I switched to PowerDVD Ultra 7.3. Problem solved. Smooth as silk.
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The quicktime stuff is all cpu.

What processor do you have?

Originally Posted by keyweez360 /forum/post/0

its a pentium 4 2.8ghz

Therein lies your problem. I have a 3.0ghz p4 Northwood and it stutters also.
I have an Amd3400+ and can play ALL 1080p quicktime videos with about ~50-70% cpu usage using coreavc. So yeah, its your cpu.
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