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FrameTV / Sonos Arc and 2nd zone video

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Really hard to find a title that fit the issue I'm trying to tackle. Here's what I'm trying to do. TV in the living room: Samsung Frame (2021) and Sonos Arc. This will handle the vast majority of my viewing. However, we also have a projector outside, along with a pair of wired buried speakers. Prior to the remodel that I am doing we had a traditional AV receiver driven setup that ran two HDMI outputs to the TV and the projector (via a CAT5 extender). Speakers were driven through the receiver as well, with the outdoor speakers driven through an unused speaker output pair programmed via the receiver to be a second zone.

This system worked well, with the bonus of being able to listen to the same music indoors and out. Video could be simultaneously showed inside and out as well, which was great for games or live events.

I found a product that can split/carry an eARC signal: the HDFury Arcana. It is clearly designed to allow folks with older non-eARC tvs to be able to use an eARC soundbar (like the Sonos Arc), but I'm wondering if it will work for my case as well.

This is how I envision this working:
  1. Media inputs into the Samsung OneConnect box (Apple TV 4k, Nintendo Switch, blu-ray player)
  2. OneConnect eARC port to the Arcana input
  3. Arcana eARC output to Sonos Arc
  4. Arcana HDMI output to receiver input
    1. Receiver HDMI out to projector HDMI input
    2. Receiver speaker lines out to outdoor speaker set
Any thoughts? Am I barking up the wrong tree with this product, and is there something else out there that I should consider?
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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