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Hello, I'm italian crt owner.

I have a modified Barco Graphics 808 (not S version) with this mods.:

120Mhz R762746 Neckboards

Convergence driver board (S version)

Vert. Def. + Sync board (S version)

Switcher board R762719 (S version)

RGB Driver board R762720 (S version)

Barco Graphics 808S2 v.7.61 Iris3 System Software

Now the projector have original tubes (180DVB22) but I have planned to retube it with Hi-Rez Mec tubes (P16 or PT-18).

I have heard that there are a focus yoke mod. on a Marquee that improve focus, called FrankenYoke.

Because I have found a Thomson focus yokes, is there a way to make this mod on my Barco?

The label on the yoke says:

ref: 21.695.01P

type: 9251.51

n/s: 6G6

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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