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Free Audio Test Tones

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A free 30 track test tone disc can be burnt by following my signature, on my site click on the DVD tab, scroll to the bottom of the page, click on link, save and burn to disc. Contains from 18hz to 18khz tracks each fading up and down and lasting 10seconds. Have fun with those bass ones. :D
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Thanx dude!

Just did it! I've been looking for a complete range of tones like this for a whie now!
Thanks for posting that. Can't wait to use it.

BTW, I love Intervocative too. Great way to catalogue movies and now I know which ones are missing when my friends borrow.
What increments are your frequencies in also, what format do I save the file in to play in my DVD player?
Well Kevin when you click on the link, you will be asked to run or save the files. Click save, you will be asked where? choose your music folder. When they are downloaded, goto that folder, right click and select open click ok and the files will be unzipped as mp3 files. Now go to the unzipped folder and along the left side will be the options, click play all, windows will then open and begin playing, now down the right hand side of the screen will be the tracks, left click the first track and then whilts holding down the CTRL key left click the bottom or last track, they shuld all be highlighted now. Now right click and select add to playlist, click new and name it test tones. This folder called test tones will now be visible in windows media player, and can be selected to burn to a cd as Mp3 tracks.
This is truly amazing. When I play track 10 it sounds like there's an earthquake in my house! I'd love to know which tracks are which freq.

Also, on each track but more so on the lower freq.'s there are alot of computer blips and pops. Sounds like distorted digital. Are those supposed to be there? Or, did my older computer add those when they were unzipped or something?
Each tracks title is the frequency, each track should fade in last 10 seconds and fade out. There should be no blips.
Thanks, and since the name of the track is the frequency, I know the increments :)
Have fun, and remember if after playing those sub 20hz tracks you find your missing a few fillings, then maybe the subs to LOUD! LOL :D
Anything to help :D
Downloaded this and burned it to a CD. My poor dog was under the table shaking when I played it. Thanks for posting this.
Originally Posted by Mark McIntosh
Downloaded this and burned it to a CD. My poor dog was under the table shaking when I played it. Thanks for posting this.
Ha ha ha :)
Hey guys, I downloaded and burned the cd, but don't know how to get the audio files to play on my DVD player. I can play burned CD's on my player just fine- do I need to change the format of the files to something else first? any advice?
I am certainly not a computer guru, so take this lightly. They got saved as a Winzip file of mp3's when downloaded, so I had to extract the files, save them to my documents, then use the Roxio CD creator to burn the CD. The files need to be converted to the .wav format to play on a DVD player and my (and most) CD creator program does that.
Yes I hear a slight popping sound in between the tracks and I have 66 tracks too. I don't know why either, but at least you know you're not the only one.
So if we have 66 tracks, do we know what the hz increments are?
The title of the track is the frequency, each frequency is one track, hence you have 66 different frequencies.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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