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FREE BEER!! (Anyone in Ottawa want to help me tonight?)

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I'm going to be playing with a Marquee 8000 for the first time tonight. (I've never used a CRT before) So is there anyone who wants to come by and give me a hand? (Free cold beer will be served!) :D

If not maybe someone could talk me through it over the phone?

I live out east around Cumberland, if you're interested just reply or PM me and I'll give you my #


P.S. A big thanks to Curt and Mark for being so helpful down the stretch...

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Hello Kysersose ,

Just want to remind you that setting up a CRT does take a lot of work and time. So you may want to serve coffee first then beer after you are done.

Wish you the best of luck setting up your new Front Projector. I am sorry I can't be of help since I am too a beginner and I live in Souther California.

Keep us posted after you are done setting it up. Love to hear from you. Take Care

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