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Originally Posted by jamieuk147 /forum/post/20903903

Wondering if you recomend anything ?

A true calibration requires the use of sensor connected to a PC that is running calibration software. You will also need test patterns that can be displayed for doing the calibration. There is freeware software available and also you can download a ISO image file of the AVH HD Calibration Disc and burn your own copy onto a DVD (assuming you have a PC with a DVD burner). However, you will need to purchase a sensor. The least expensive setup would be to download the HCFR colorimeter software and purchase a eye-one Display 2 LT colorimeter. This model was recently discontinued (replaced by the more expensive but much more accurate Display 3 model) that the freeware software does not support that new model. I suggest you start off my reading the "Calibration for Dummies" guide (see below). The following is info I posted in another thread on the tools for calibration with various web links:


The essential tools you will need for calibration of your JVC projector are a PC (a laptop is the most convenient), a optical sensor (colorimeter), a Blu-ray compatible disc with a set of HD test patterns, and colorimeter software for your PC that will record and report the measurements. Assuming you already have the PC and a blu-ray player, the only things above that you will actually need to purchase is the colorimeter sensor and a blank recordable DVD (total cost about $150 US).
  • Colorimeter Sensor: Probably the most popular low cost, quality colorimeter sensor is the Eye-One Display LT (often just listed at the i1LT) made by X-Rite. HERE is the manufacturer's link and HERE is the link for it on Amazon. The substantially more expensive Eye-One Basic Pro is a popular sensor (actually a Spectroradiometer instead of a Colorimeter) for professional calibrators. Another colorimeter of intestest to the hobbyist is the Chroma 5 (priced between the two Eye-one models described above). Finally X-Rite is releasing a new model colorimter in July 2011 called the i1 Display Pro (also referred to as the i1 Display 3 or i1 Display Pro III by some dealers). This new low cost model is said to be much more accurate than the i1 Display 2 series (e.g., Display 2 Pro and Display LT) that it replaces and is said to maintain accuracy better over time than the Display 2 or Chroma 5 series. Important - see the note below before purchasing this colorimeter.
  • Colorimeter Software: A widely used free colorimeter software program is called HCFR Colorimeter. It is available for download HERE . A number of companies sell calibration software. CalMAN and ChromaPure are among the more popular alternatives. HERE is an article comparing HCFR, ChromaPure and Calman software.
  • Software Calibration Aid: An AVS Forum member (stereomandan) has prepared a very useful Excel spreadsheet that can be used as a companion to the colorimeter software. HERE is the AVS thread where you can download the Excel spreadsheet file and the instructions for using it.
  • Blu-ray Compatible Calibration Disc: The AVS HD Calibration Disc (ISO file that can be burned on a DVD +/- R) is described and can be downloaded HERE . Once downloaded you can use a commercial program such as Nero or a freeware program such as IMGBURN , to create a playable disc by burning this ISO image file onto a blank DVD (-R, +R or RW as long as it is a disc type that is compatible with your Blu-ray player).
  • Calibration for Dummies: General overview of display grey scale and color calibration is HERE
  • More Tutorial Information on Calibration of Projectors: HERE is the link to the AVS calibration thread for some earlier Epson projectors that provides a lot of basic information in Post 1 that generally applies to the calibration of projectors.

Note on X-Rite i1 Display Pro III colorimeter and compatable software: Tom Huffman, creator of the ChromaPure software, has posted the following information in another thread here on AVS:
"I just had a lengthy discussion with X-Rite, and here's what I learned. There are actually 3 versions of this meter--ColorMunki, i1 Display Pro III retail, and an i1 Display Pro III OEM.
  • The ColorMunki and Display Pro retail are for the retail market only and are designed to work with the included X-Rite software for monitor profiling.
  • The retail versions will NOT function in ChromaPure or any other vendor's software other than X-Rite. Only the OEM version will work because the code in ChromaPure includes a password for enabling it.
  • The retail and OEM versions of the i1 Display Pro are otherwise identical.
  • If you want to use this meter with ChromaPure, then you have to obtain the meter from ChromaPure directly, one of my partners (e.g. AVS), or another OEM vendor. Versions of this meter obtained in the retail market will not work."

The OEM version of the i1 Display Pro III is now available.
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