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well, on a Z90, on a 3meter scope screen that is !

like the movie or not but this transfer is R E F E R E N C E !

the 3D feeling is out of this world, short of an HD version of course.

It reminds me how much I prefer scope format also!!

check this dvd on your dlp, amazing.

we need HD guys, most of our dvds are crapply encoded, with poor resolution of course. sometimes though, like this one or superbit stuff, you get exceptions.

worst, this tendance by directors to use color filters, I can't bear it!!!! yuck. here, nothing like that: purely natural.

try FREE WILLY and you will want to jump into the pool ! :D

www. dvdfile. com talks about the tri dimensionnality of this transfer.

as we say, garbage in, garbage out but when it's a jewel in, it's a jewel out.

CONTRAST is also REFERENCE, blacks too, everything. No EE and a great dolby !!!!

it also shows you how much dvd is so often poorly encoded, with poor copies as sources.

long live PANAVISION also !!!
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