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FreeBSD Media Server for a Newbie?

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I am going to set up a media server within my house to distribute burned CD's as well as burned DVD's. My initial thoughts were to use Linux as the OS, but I have heard a bunch of people refer to freeBSD. However, I have no experience with either operating system. Given that I am starting from zero in both cases, which would be the better (more stable, expandable, manageable) of the two?

What are the plusses and minuses of each?

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I was running Freebsd for quite a while, almost 3years, but have moved to gentoo.

The major differences are...

- the hardware support is Linux is _much_ better.

- FreeBSD has a central development, which tends to lead to more stable and reliable development cycle. Since everything comes from one place it's also well tested and documented.

- People clam that FreeBSD is faster - i dunno.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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