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Maybe it's time to recommend a real documentary that doesn't involve political posturing on the filmmakers part.

These filmmakers are simply wanna tell the story that they thought would be of interest all around the world. This is of course a true story[though it was denied for 30+ years by the authorities of Hungary] not a fiction and most of it could be found[now] in history books, but of course the details and personal accounts that makes this more enjoyable then just reading the facts.

It's about the Hungarian water polo team and it's triumphant face off and defeat of the Soviet team in the semi finals of the summer Olympics of 1956 just at the same time as Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest to put down the uprising against the Communist regime that ruled the political landscape since after WWII.

The film uses lots of archive footage's along with newly created but looking authentic shots that seamlessly edited together to create this great film. Lot's of interviews with both of the team's survivors, and narration by famous American swimmer Mark Spitz. Also it is worth to note that the producers are Quentin Tarantino and Lucy Liu. There is a great behind the scenes feature about the making of this film, and it is available on DVD [R1]currently.

In full disclosure while I have no connection to the filmmakers or the project,but I was born and raised in Hungary,Budapest, and naturally this film hit very close to me, but I'm confident that this film can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of where they live or if they like or don't like water polo.

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