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When i powered up my pc yesterday, i heard a tuck sound from my logitech z313 sub-woofer and i saw a bright spark on my surge protector. I immediately turned everything off. Checked the surge protector, everything looked alright, no black/burnt marks seen. I then plugged everything back in , booted up my pc and everything seemed to work alright but my speakers ! I couldnt power them up. I knew the tuck sound came from the woofer, so i decided to open it up, as the warranty period has expired. When i opened it up, the pcb looked alright, but the other board, i dont know what its called, had a burnt mark. I have attached the images , please have a look and let me know whats wrong and if it can be fixed by some soldering etc.

I have a couple of questions :

1. Is there any way i can use the satellites without the sub. I am not interested in the sub anyways. I just need basic sound at the moment.

2. Is there any other used sub that i could get and make it work with my current speakers?

Thanks. Looking forward to the replies. Cheers

P.S : Only added the image links as i wasnt able to resize them. Please have a look at the images . Thanks.

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