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win 8.1 w/MC in a desktop case with limited hard drive space used as home server and recording duties, roku's serv up media, using rdp to schedule recordings, everything working well, I have purchased a Norco 4220 to move the hardware into, I have also purchased win serv 2012 r2 ess oem, the mother board also has 2 internal usb ports if I ever wanted to setup esxi for virtualization.

I have never used hyper v or esxi, or ever setup Ms server software, I do want to continue to record ota broadcast on the 4220 server, use whatever means to sch recordings, and at some point use remote web connect for off site access.

which would be the best long term approach for the OS, leave it at win 8.1, move to server 2012 and use hyper v for 8.1, or setup esxi as the host for both ?

I have 4 pc's and a laptop, 2 I-phone's, 2 roku's.

Asus P8C WS w E3 1230 v2, 16 gb ddr 3, dsl internet w 16 port hp switch, 8 tb storage available at the time
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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