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From Z4 To Optoma HD72i ?

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I've got a Sanyo PLV-Z4, and i've got the opertunity if i wish, to upgrade/change to an Optoma HD72i ... is it worth considering? or are they too close to even worry about changing too?


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The HD72 would be considered a moderate upgrade (IMO) from the Sanyo, but you'd have to view one in good conditions to see if it's worth the $.

The HD72 would have better true contrast, black level, brightness, and much less SDE (screen door effect.) Both are 720p native, so that doesn't change.

They use completely different light engines (LCD vs DLP) also, so again you'd have to view one to know if you like DLP, and aren't affected by DLP rainbow effect. Very few are, but you need to see one to know.

I personally just like the way DLP's look over LCD, but that's just opinion.

The Z4 is a very nice PJ though, so you really have to decide if the upgrade is worth it. It IS an upgrade, but not like you're going to 10,000:1 CR and 1080p. :)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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