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Front-end suggestions?

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I've been using Gotallmedia. I like the flexibility it offers, but it's usage is not very well documented (or if it is, I can't find the documentation). I'm looking for something that is similarly flexible in allowing me to create custom modules and the like but has better documentation on how to do so. I would prefer a free or open-source app, but I would pay for something if it had all the features I need. Any suggestions?

Alternately, if anyone knows of a web site with guides for customizing the Gotallmedia menu, that would also do the trick. I haven't found much in the forum or the "Docs" section of their site.
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I'm currently looking at SageTV (not free), Windows MCE, and Mythdora (free? Linux distro)
For free, I find it hard to beat xLobby, although I hear the MediaPortal dudes are doing good work. There's also [email protected] which is open-source too, another one to check out.

For a long contentious set of threads on commercial front ends, check out the below.

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Thank you both for the input. I have played with Sage a little bit, and I think I might use it strictly for my PVR. I'm going to try xLobby tonight. It looks promising. I think it even supports FLAC which is a major plus for me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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