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Front Speaker Angles

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One of the great things about Music and Home Theater's as a love and hobby is the subjective variables. I would bet that if you took three identical systems and had three people set up and dial them in, each would be very different from another. You would agree with each others sound or perhaps not.

I love the fact that you can apply logic, opinion and scientific fact to this hobby. My question, for love of seeing what others feel is good for them, is what angle are your speakers when in your favorite listening position? What sort of experimentation did you do to decide that your speakers were best suited to be toed in, straight or even something drastic? I am interested in what any of you have done to achieve the best imaging from your speakers regardless of how top-notch or not they are.

My Speakers are not the best and don't seem to fair very well in this forum, but I truly like the way they sound and have spent a lot of time placing them at different distances, angles and different distances from the side and back walls of the room. In my opinion to great effect, but there again, I love to read about what others have done and also think that maybe someone reading can see how important the aspect of speaker placement is and start experimenting for hours with their own speakers. It's half the fun!

By the way, I am running JBL E100's for my Fronts. The tweeters are looking right past my head at the headrest just behind my ears. This, in my room and with what room problems I have to deal with, is as perfect as I have heard yet in playing with the position of the speakers.
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